Peter Kosta

EREBUS Ascent Watch Review...One Week On The Wrist

The Ascent has Launched!

Get Ready! Erebus No.2 The Ascent is ready for launch!

THE MAD WATCH COLLECTOR - After 7 years and 1000 reviews, Jody has decided to start a watch brand!!! Named after the Mythical god of darkness, The Erebus Origin is no doubtably the first of a long line of references if this one is anything to go by! It's a brand establisher no doubt! But is it good enough for you?
Let's get into it!

Just One More Sh*tty Microbrand? The Erebus Origin...

Peter Kotsa on the Erebus Watch - It has been many years in the making and after spending a week on the wrist, I struggled to find any flaws for the price he is offering these for...well done.

Jody on the specs and features of the Erebus Origin. 

Jody on the twelve-month design process behind the Erebus Origin.