Welcome To Erebus Watches

Erebus Watches is Jody Musgrove and Steven Parker.

Scottish Australian Jody is the cheery Helloooooooo!’ behind the Just One More Watch YouTube channel. Since 2016, Jody has made three review videos per week of affordable watches on his channel. Jody thought it was high time that instead of just reviewing other people's watches, he should make his own. And if he doesn't know what makes a good watch by now then he never will!

New Zealand born Steven is a lifelong watch lover with a staggering 400+ watch collection. Again, if he doesn't know what makes a good watch by now then he never will! Jody and Steven met three years ago through their shared passion for great value timepieces,. First, they first became good friends, and now business partners!

Erebus Watches was thus born with the aim of bringing Jody and Steven’s combined love and knowledge of watches to the world.
We want to offer the best made watches, with the best specifications, at the best prices, and all with a personal service and attention to client that you don’t get from the big brands. We look forward to welcoming you as a customer and a friend of Erebus Watches.

Our Story

Jody Musgrove

Through his Just One More Watch channel, Jody is one of YouTube's pre-eminent watch reviewers and has a global following.

Jody has a depth of experience in assessing watches for quality, fit, and finish that gives Erebus a significant head start when it comes to developing new watch designs that exceed expectations. 

Steven Parker

Steven (Mr P) is the ultimate watch nerd, with a collection of watches in the many hundreds. In the business world Steven has had 30 years’ worth of experience in sales, service after sales support, distribution and delivery, working for global brands in senior management roles.

In partnership with Jody, Steven will ensure that Erebus clients are delighted with the Erebus buying experience, the product and after sales customer service.